Aircraft Manager

Clay Lacy Aviation has been providing private jet services around the globe since 1968. Taking pride in the pursuit of perfection is at the center of everything that we do. Our most valuable asset is our experienced team.  If you are goal-oriented, dedicated, proactive and enjoy a customer-centric culture, we would love to get to know you better.

Position Summary
The Aircraft Manager is a decision-making member of the CLA Executive team responsible for the overall success of a Managed Client’s flight operation. The Aircraft Manager works closely with all members of the Flight Department to ensure CLA’s service level and ownership experience exceeds the clients expectations.

Maintenance Related Responsibilities
•    Facilitate regular meetings to establish expectations, goals and budgets with the Flight Crew and DOM/MX Control.
•    Receive and confirm scheduled downtime dates in coordination with maintenance
•    Communicate significant Unscheduled Costs/Squawks in coordination with DOM and Mx Control
•    Participate in communication and handling of mechanical events
•    Manage the creation of Maintenance Budgets
•    Ensure significant MX Projects are managed, overseen and communicated appropriately
•    Synthesize, filter and simplify information FROM mx TO Ownership as needed
•    Advocate for timely completion of daily tasks
•    Ensure MX Controllers and Dispatchers are on the same page with regard to priority and schedule
•    Work to decrease downtime and increase dispatch reliability
•    Advocate for accurate information and research
•    Ensure parts are properly shopped
•    Ensure warranty research and all options are vetted
•    Ensure downtime and problem resolution strategy make sense and are appropriate
•    Foster better relationships between CLA MX and all related flight department stakeholders
•    Review and Approve Monthly MX Work Order Invoices

Operations Responsibilities
•    Manage the creation of Training Budgets
•    Synthesize and simplify information FROM Ops TO Ownership as needed
•    Set expectations for charter related items (rates, expectations, costs)
•    Advocate for the timely completion of daily tasks
•    Ensure Dispatchers and Controllers are on the same page with regard to priority and schedule
•    Ensure all Ops related items are in order to increase dispatch reliability
•    Manage and vet information appropriately and coordinate its presentation to ownership
•    Foster better relationships between CLA Ops and all related flight department stakeholders
•    Manage the creation or gathering of any requested additional reporting to Ownership

Accounting Responsibilities
•    Synthesize and simplify information FROM Accounting TO Ownership as needed
•    Field questions from Ownership and ensure appropriate responses are gathered and sent in a timely manner
•    Review Monthly Billing Summaries
•    Manage the creation of Annual Operating Budgets
•    Manage the creation or gathering of any requested additional reporting to Ownership
•    Foster better relationships between CLA Accounting and all related flight department stakeholders

Other Responsibilities
•    Align the operation in accordance with the Management Agreement and the Clients expectations
•    Ensure Company Culture and participation throughout the Flight Department
•    Providing a Feedback Loop (positive or negative) for CLA from all other stakeholders
•    Management of problem or Crisis resolution
•    Advocate for Ownership
•    Manage overall customer experience and relationships
•    Meet owners for arrivals and departures to check-in on experience
•    Speak with Flight Department members often
•    Foster positive relationships with all Flight Department stakeholders
•    Participate in further process and procedure improvements within CLA departments to improve efficiency and service level
•    Participate in improvement of outward facing Aircraft Management documents and messaging
•    Flight Department Briefings
•    Budgets
•    Descriptions and logic behind pricing structure and operating logic

Bachelor Degree in Business or Aviation Management, 3-4 years of management experience required.

Minimum of 3-4 years of experience. Aviation specific experience preferred.

Skills and Abilities
•    Ability to prioritize and organize work flow
•    Excellent verbal and written communication skill
•    Able to handle sensitive documents in a very confidential manner
•    Demonstrated analytical and critical thinking skills
•    Able to take initiative and execute assigned tasks in a timely and flawless manner
•    Strong teamwork acumen with a profound ability to work under extreme pressure
•    Strong passion for working in a fast paced and result oriented environment
•    Exceptional interpersonal skills
•    Superior presentation and communication skills
•    Excellent project & time management capabilities
•    A creative driver who is also goal driven and detail oriented
•    Exemplify consistent professionalism, good humor and ethical behavior

Clay Lacy Aviation offers an excellent benefit package including medical, dental, vision, matching 401(K).