Pilot Ground Instructor

Position Summary

The Pilot Ground Instructor oversees all aspects of the flight and ground training for all of our pilots. Strategizes, directs and coordinates training activities for the safety of all pilots and clients. Provides the required classroom ground instruction in both FAR Part 91 and 135 operations to all pilots. Maintains and assists in developing courseware. Assists in the development of eLearning Programs required for continuing pilot qualification.


    • Provides classroom ground school instruction for initial, upgrade, and recurrent classes for pilots, including any specialty training modules that CLA has approved.
    • Tracks and trouble-shoots online training.
    • Conducts departmental audits of curriculum training paperwork for crew qualifications.
    • Trains additional Instructor staff.
    • Keeps abreast of all operational and regulatory changes and requirements.
    • Provides technical leadership to team and department members. Leads through example; monitors, influences and trains others. Provides input to supervisor on performance reviews and helps to identify development needs.
    • Establish a culture that fosters safety.
    • Performs various other duties as required by the Director of Training.



Bachelor’s degree (B.A. / B.S.) or equivalent and FAA ATP Certificate with a least one turbo-jet type rating requiring two crewmembers.


At Least 3 years’ experience as a flight crewmember for a Part 135 operation, preferably with international flight experience, within the last 6 (or 10 years) years.

Five to ten years related experience and/or training with at least three years of related general aviation management experience. Prior experience at Flight Safety / CAE is desired.

Skills and Abilities

  • Must have the ability to develop training curriculum that meets CLA’s FAR 135 GOM and customize it to also include unique requirements / capabilities at CLA. For example, how to utilize Certify for expense reporting, CLA Maintenance and Modification capabilities, CLA Leadership team and contact information, CLA Strategic Plan, CLA’s Aircraft Management business model, CLA Charter business model, CLA FBO operations, CLA OXC, CLA Pilot Customer Service training, CLA Flight OPS Fleet Leads Roles & Responsibilities, CLA Safety SMS plan, ……
  • Specialty training beyond high school in Aviation or FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with at least 5 year of related experience. ?? Already stated
  • Must have full knowledge of all curriculums authorized to teach.
  • Experience and/or ability to teach and perform well in a classroom setting.
  • Computer and eLearning skills required.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Team-oriented dedication to great customer service and the ability to inspire that commitment in others.
  • Thorough knowledge of the general aviation industry, aircraft makes and models, and ground support suppliers.
  • Strong understanding of safety training.