Ken Webster, CAM

Vice President, Flight Operations

Ken is responsible for providing leadership and guidance to Clay Lacy’s flight operations, crew training and records, flight standards, inflight services, trip support, and safety, security and regulatory compliance teams. He works closely with our pilots, cabin attendants, clients and leadership team, ensuring that safety, service and value are at the core of all flight operations activities.

Ken previously served as vice president of fleet development and integration providing expert guidance to aircraft owners and corporations to identify the right aircraft to purchase, assist with crew recruitment and hiring, maintenance and flight coordination.  Previously he held captain and first officer positions with jet charter providers, corporate flight departments, and large domestic and international commercial airlines. In 2021 he received his Corporate Aircraft Manager (CAM) certification from the National Business Aviation Association. Ken received a B.S. in aeronautics from Embry-Riddle University, where he minored in aviation management.