Empty Leg Flight Quote

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Empty leg specials are not scheduled flights. Locations and times can be adjusted to fit your preferences.

Private jets enable you to fly from the airport of your choice direct to your destination, no connections necessary. Occasionally, private jets fly empty to reposition for their next flight, this is referred to as an empty leg or one-way flight. Because the aircraft must reposition to be ready for its next flight, these empty leg charter flights are offered at a discount allowing passengers who need to travel in one direction the ability to enjoy flying on privately owned business jets for a reduced price.

Private jets are chartered by the hour ranging from $3,500 to $18,000 per hour and vary by the size, make, model, and age of the private jet. These one-way flights, often referred to as empty leg flights, can cost between 15% to 30% less than normal hourly rates. A one-way empty leg charter flight from New York to Los Angeles on a Gulfstream G450 can be estimated at $65,000 USD.

Clay Lacy has an online search tool to find empty leg flights on privately owned business jets. After finding an empty leg flight you are interested in, you can view pricing estimates and submit an inquiry to book. Through the online search tool, you can also sign up to receive empty leg flight notifications that will alert you when empty leg charter flights are available to your favorite destinations.

Empty leg flights are created when a plane must reposition from one airport to another for another scheduled flight. The return leg is called an empty leg and is available to charter at a discounted rate.

Empty leg flights on private jet aircraft are not cheaper than a commercial flight because you are chartering the entire jet, not buying individual seats. Empty leg flights on a private jet are more expensive than flying commercially.

Empty leg flights fly to locations around the world. Anytime a private charter jet is flying empty between two locations for the purpose of repositioning the plane, this creates an empty leg flight.