01.26.21-Articles-Aircraft Management
01.26.21-Articles-Aircraft Management

Custom Aircraft Management Solutions

January 26, 2021

We offer custom aircraft management solutions built around aircraft owners’ operational needs and financial objectives. Each offering comes with Clay Lacy Aviation’s detailed data analysis and reporting, our global connections and purchasing power as well as sustainability options.

Three Customizable Management Solutions

Aircraft Management, No Charter is the ideal solution for owners who need a flight crew and complete asset management but do not want to charter their aircraft.


  • Manage and coordinate all flight operations, including the industry’s best-trained flight crews
  • Maintenance tracking, coordination, and the added support of in-house maintenance and parts inventory
  • Comprehensive financial planning and analysis backed by owner and trend data
  • Subscription services management and procurement with our purchasing power

One of our customer aircraft management solutions offers owners the opportunity to reduce fixed operating expenses through charter revenue.

Aircraft Management with Charter allows aircraft owners to offset fixed operating costs with charter revenue.


  • Only the best charters on your jet thanks to our long-standing corporate and passenger relationships
  • Provide consistently higher charter revenue to lower ownership costs by up to 80%
  • Plus, all the benefits mentioned above

Flight Department Support Services (FDSS) is for owners who need extra support for their already stellar flight departments.

Savings That Add Up

  • 7% off supplemental lift
  • 10% off maintenance costs
  • 15% off fuel costs

FDSS also gives owners access to preferred pricing on:

  • Avionics warranties
  • Crew training
  • Wi-Fi and satellite programs

Additional Benefits for Management Clients

Available for all Clay Lacy Aviation aircraft management clients, no matter which custom solution is needed, are access to our carbon offset program, award-winning inflight services and 24/7 insights through our MyClayLacy owner portal.

Offset Aircraft CO2 Emissions for just pennies per gallon of fuel purchased. This voluntary program allows owners to offset 100% of their aircraft’s emissions through our carbon offset program that supports only GoldStandard.org projects.

Each of our customer management solutions offer the opportunity to make use of our InFlight Services team.

Personalized InFlight and Ground Services from Clay Lacy Aviation are award-winning. Our InFlight Services Team gets to know you, your preferences and your aircraft – working seamlessly as an extension of your flying family. A dedicated ground team works behind-the-scenes to streamline tasks for your flight crew, providing backup resources and greater efficiencies.

The MyClayLacy Owner Portal offers easy and immediate access to financial statements, maintenance quotes and more. Owners can also accept or decline charter requests.

Owners turn to Clay Lacy Aviation for custom aircraft management solutions. When it comes to finding the right solution for you, trust our dedicated team of aviation professionals to develop the proposal that meets all your needs.

If you would like to speak with Clay Lacy Aviation about your aircraft and management needs, let us know a convenient time to talk or list any challenges you’re experiencing through the form below.