Take A Private Jet To Super Bowl LVII

December 13, 2022

The largest, most anticipated VIP event of the upcoming year is scheduled for February 12, 2023. Glendale, Arizona, just outside of Phoenix, will host Super Bowl LVII; which draws athletes, entertainers, influencers, enthusiastic fans and a significant number of business jets. If you are interested in how to charter a private jet to the Super Bowl, here are four points to make for an enjoyable and memorable trip — from takeoff to touchdown.

1. Book your charter in advance—

With the enormous popularity of the Super Bowl, it is imperative to book your private jet early to ensure the greatest selection of aircraft and to secure your preferred arrival and departure times.  In addition to the aircraft, expect hotels, aircraft parking, landing slots, and car services to be in high demand. “Our charter pricing is consistent, 365 days a year, regardless of the date or event,” says Joe Barber, SVP Commercial Services with Clay Lacy Aviation. “but, landing time arrival slots get booked early, and auxiliary costs like parking fees, ground transportation, and similar costs are significantly higher during big events like the Super Bowl, booking early ensure you can secure everything you need to make for a wonderful trip.”

2. Arrive before scheduled departure—

One of the benefits of private jet charter is the ability to takeoff on your schedule, but for the Super Bowl, the narrative is slightly different. Due to the high volume of private jets that travel to the event, the FAA and NFL impose what is called arrival and departure slots reservations. Your charter company will secure these for you, but they are very difficult and often impossible to change. “For each chartered jet, we request specific landing reservations (slots) for landing and departure,” says Joe. “If you arrive late to the plane and miss your slot time, the aircraft goes to the back of the line, a wait that can often be  4+ hours due to heavy air traffic in and out of the airport.”

3. Consider alternate airports—

The total amount of private jets that travel to the Super Bowl each year is huge.  If the landing slots at your preferred airport are taken, you may consider flying into another airport in the area.  There are several airports, with runways long enough and in close vicinity to the stadium to consider as alternatives. While the drive time may be slightly longer, often time the waiting time in the aircraft on the tarmac is shorter, because there are fewer aircraft using the alternate airports.  This could also prove to be more convenient and allow you to have a more flexible schedule by choosing a secondary airport in the area.

4. Extend your trip—

To miss the private jet rush to Super Bowl, on both departure and arrival, schedule your flights during off-peak times. If you would like to depart the day of the game, be prepared for possible delays as most travelers select this option. However, if getting to and from the game is your preferred travel itinerary, no need to worry your Clay Lacy crews know how to make game-day safe, fun and memorable no matter which team wins.

“The Super Bowl is an exciting event as Clay Lacy Cabin Servers go out of their way, based on client preferences, to create a fun inflight travel atmosphere,” says Joe. Cabin servers often bring the ‘game to the plane’ through festive and fun décor, food, and beverages. Indeed, there is no better way to enjoy the Super Bowl experience than chartering a private jet.


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