11.05.21-In the News-Sustainability
11.05.21-In the News-Sustainability

NATA Business Journal Highlights Clay Lacy’s Journey to Sustainability

Published: NATA Business Journal, Fall 2021
Article Written By: Scott Cutshall, Clay Lacy Aviation, SVP Development and

In late fall of 2018 I received a call about an event being planned by a coalition of international business aviation associations in cooperation with local civic leaders at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. The event would showcase the viability of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF)—proven to be a safe and viable drop-in Jet-A fuel that reduces net green-house emissions by up to 80 percent. This was my first experience with the practical steps our industry was taking toward operating more sustainably, and it launched my own interest in helping Clay Lacy Aviation implement a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

What is Sustainability? (And Why Should You Care?)
Before I go further, let me cut through all the hype— both positive and negative—and explain that sustainably simply refers to the concept of replacing a linear consumption mode with a circular one. Jet-A is currently processed from petroleum, which is a limited resource. Once it is refined and burned, it can’t be used again. SAF, by comparison, starts with a waste product that would otherwise go to a landfill, such as municipal solid waste, and refines it into jet fuel.

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Clay Lacy’s new solar installation and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)