Gulfstream GIV, GIV-SP, GV

ADS-B Out & FANS 1/A+ STC.

Save 40 percent with half the downtime.

Certified ADS-B Out solution
Certified FANS 1/A + solution for international operations
European Link 2000+
Third Flight Management System( Fully independent, stand-alone,WAAS SBAS Compliant )
Lateral autopilot coupling ( with selective display on either pilot's primary filght display )
High resolution graphical weather display
Utilizes existing Honeywell MCS-6000 Aero H SatCom ( optional certification with stand-alone with Iridium data link connection with TSO approval )
Dual simultaneous AFIS data link connections ( Honywell AFIS and UL-801 )
Two-year factory parts and labor warranty.
Installation Workmanship Warranty
  1. STC will accommodate ADS-B Out(DO-260-B) functionality with appropriate transponder upgrade or modification and failure display annunciation.
  2. Autopilot coupling only available on GIV-SP and GV Aircraft.
  3. Graphics display option available at additional cost.
  4. May require installation of additional data link transceiver and/or VHF antenna with data services subscription.
  5. LRUs are covered by two-year factory part and labor warranty.  Other assorted installation materials cover by Clay Lacy Aviation two-year warranty.
  6. Installation workmanship provided by Clay Lacy Aviation warranted to be free of defects of 10 years from date of installation.

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