09.04.19-Articles-Aircraft Management
09.04.19-Articles-Aircraft Management

Meet our aircraft management team

September 6, 2019

Our aircraft management team serves as the executive point of contact for our aircraft owners. Each executive brings wide-ranging business aviation expertise to serve our clients with personalized attention—and each either holds or is working toward their NBAA Corporate Aircraft Manager (CAM) certification. In future issues, we will highlight individual team members, so you can learn more about the people who streamline and simplify the ownership experience for our clients.


Justin Rosen, VP, Aircraft Management & Business Strategy
Justin leads our aircraft management team and guides our strategic initiatives that create greater value for our clients, drives continuous improvement in service offerings, and positions Clay Lacy Aviation as the recognized industry leader in aircraft management services. Read bio. Connect on LinkedIn.


Joe Barber, VP of Fleet Development, CAM
Joe works closely with aircraft owners, C-level executives, family offices, and flight department personnel to identify how Clay Lacy’s suite of services can best support their flight operations. Read bio. Connect on LinkedIn.


Chris Hand, SVP, Northeast Region
Chris leads our Eastern U.S. operations, headquartered in Oxford, Connecticut, guiding the flight operations, maintenance, finance and aircraft management teams. Read bio. Connect on LinkedIn.


Henry Thomas, Director Aircraft Management
Clients rely on the uncompromising professionalism Henry brings to the management of their aircraft, from safety and maintenance to dispatch reliability and crew recruitment and governance. Read bio. Connect on LinkedIn.


Ann Holmes, Director Aircraft Management
Ann brings to her role a profound understanding of the needs of aircraft owners, and the client service and executive expertise to ensure those needs are met. Read bio. Connect on LinkedIn.


Mark Herzog, Director Aircraft Management
Mark ensures every aircraft owner receive maximum value, comprehensive safety, superior maintenance and precise, transparent reporting. Read bio.


Nicole LaVance, Director Aircraft Management
Nicole is our newest member of the aircraft management team. Nicole brings a hands-on, client-focused approach to the management of every aircraft. Connect on LinkedIn.


Anne Probst, Director Aircraft Management 
Anne delivers a personalized experience to aircraft owners and flight crews based on the east coast. Connect on LinkedIn.


Ken Webster, Director Aircraft Management
Ken works with aircraft owners, C-level executives, family offices, and flight department personnel to increase efficiency and improve the safety of their flight operation. Read bio. Connect on LinkedIn.


Daniel Murphy, Director of Aircraft Management Services
Daniel provides accurate and actionable financial data and analytics for our aircraft management clients, their teams and our aircraft managers. Read bio. Connect on LinkedIn.


Our proven approach to aircraft management tackles everything from transparent reporting to charter revenue returns. Learn more about personalized aircraft management services from Clay Lacy and how we can elevate your ownership experience.