Hawker 900XP N330GW


Aircraft description

Hawker 900XP for Charter
The Hawker 900XP is spacious and roomy, and is often referred to as the “conference room in the sky.” With amenities such as, WiFi, TV monitors, and power outlets it lives up to its reputation.

Hawker 900XP Performance
The Hawker 900XP has a range of 2,733 nautical miles and can reach an altitude of 41,000 ft, enabling it to avoid other commercial traffic and inclement weather that could otherwise make for a more turbulent ride.

Hawker 900XP Interior & Specs
The Hawker 900XP’s interior is spacious and accommodating. With plenty of space to seat 8 passengers, you can rest comfortably. Amenities on board include an airshow moving map, power outlets, an enclosed lavatory with vanity, and refreshment galley.

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